What the Yellowstone cast is up to next  

The high drama unfolding within the Dutton family on Yellowstone appears to be only closely rivaled by what occurs during the production of the Paramount+ show itself.  

For nearly a year, rumors of on-set drama have swirled around Taylor Sheridan's crown jewel, which has spawned a franchise of spin-offs and prequels to rival the MCU.

As fans await the second half of Season 5 with bated breath, it was revealed that this will be the show's final installment, with a new contemporary offshoot titled 2024 already in the works.  

Yellowstone's final episodes have yet to be filmed due to a contractual dispute with star Kevin Costner and the SAG-AFTRA strike this summer. However, we now know that they will arrive in November 2024.  

While the specifics of what we can expect from 2024 are being kept under wraps at Paramount, Variety reports that it will feature a new cast and location,  

we look at what each of the cast members is up to next and what we can expect to see them in after their starring roles in one of television's most popular shows.

with the possibility of some character crossover from the original. So, depending on how the season-five finale goes,


we may not be saying goodbye to the entire Yellowstone cast just yet.

But, as we prepare to bid farewell to the Dutton family and their sprawling cattle ranch in Montana, 

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