Julianna Margulies apologizes for saying Black people have been ‘brainwashed to hate Jews’

During a podcast discussion about Israel's war with Hamas, actor Julianna Margulies stated that black people should be entirely supportive of Israel but have been "brainwashed to hate Jews."

That's what we're going to do to the Jews.' That is also why, throughout the Civil Right s Movement, Jews walked alongside Blacks to fight for their rights,

since they understand. And now the Black community isn't welcoming us and saying, "We st and with you as you stood with us."

Margulies went on to say that Jewish allies had killed for the cause of civil rights. Ho wever, as the Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies, Democratic voters, particularly Black Democrats, have become less zealous in their support for Israelis over Palestinians. 

The charges, which have only recently gone viral, were made on a Nov. 21 episode of "The

Back Room With Andy Ostroy," a podcast advertised as a hilarious and honest take on politics and pop culture. 

The topic was the Gaza war, and Ostroy mentioned "The United States and the Holocaust,"

a 2022 documentary by Ken Burns.Margulies, who is Jewish, seized the opportunity. 

"It should be mandatory watching, especially for the Black community, if I may, because

Hitler got his entire playbook from the Jim Crow South," she went on to say.  

"The Nazis were watching how the Jim Crow South was treating slaves and said, 'Oh, great

call, let's do that playbook,'" Margulies, star of CBS' "The Good Wife" and Apple TV+'s "The Morning Show," continued. 

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