How the Warriors' big three went big-game hunting against the Clippers 

November 30 in a year ending in 23 occurs only once every century. By the time the next one occurs, the chances of myself, 

the people reading this article, and the majority of the people on this planet still being alive are close to nil.

That's why the Golden State Warriors celebrated 11-30-23 — three numbers that represent the talismanic trio of Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green. 

Their legacy will live on in Warriors lore as a result of how they collectively catapulted the franchise from obscurity to the ranks of NBA's all-time great dynasties.

It's appropriate to recognize their accomplishments and reflect on the history they were able to create together. 

Nostalgia is a strong emotion that is occasionally evoked to bring back happy memories and emotions. It can be too powerful at times.

This season, more than any other, has called their relationship into question. When it comes to nostalgia, an 8-10 record entering the game against the Los Angeles Clippers is changing some of the narrative. 

Has this trio completed its mission? Are Thompson and Green doing enough to support Curry, who still appears to be the focal point of a championship team? 

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